Yoga in Kansas City: Why Start Now?

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Overcoming “Yogaphobia”

Yogaphobia: The fear of attending a Yoga class based on the misconception that other class participants will judge you should you appear to be inexperienced.

For starters, Yoga practitioners are some of the most open minded, easy to get along with folks in the fitness industry. If we have to be worried that Yogis, of all people, are judging us then we are in trouble!

Yes, many instructors and long time Yogis are fit/slender/flexible/strong, but they didn’t start out that way and NO ONE expects you to show experience in a class that you’ve never even tried. ESPECIALLY here at Foundation Fitness! A facility specializing in creating an atmosphere where folks new to fitness or Yoga can comfortably get their feet wet.

“But I’m too inflexible to do Yoga”. That’s like saying you are too dirty to take a bath or too hungry to eat a meal – LOL! One of the top reasons one practices Yoga is to build and maintain flexibility and strength for both mind and body.

You can’t achieve those very valuable things without practicing and Yoga could easily be one of the VERY BEST ways to do so.

As a personal trainer I think people assume that I have my clients max out on bench presses, yell at them to try harder and deem a successful session one where they limp out of the gym. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Many times my clients need Yoga. That doesn’t mean we don’t lift weights, that’s just not ALL we do.

Most of my training sessions include stretching, stability training, core training and posture work. All of these have a base in Yoga. I’ve never worked with a client that did not feel benefits from this approach and I don’t expect YOU to be any different.

Being that I dislike box gyms and extreme approaches to fitness I make it a point to create an atmosphere at Foundation Fitness where persons at all fitness levels can find the right approach. Everyone has to start somewhere so my gym employs instructors that know how to help newcomers feel welcome, supported and progress in their fitness level at a pace that makes sense for their bodies.

Our instructors they LOVE new class participants. YOU are why they are here. Don’t wait. You won’t know until you try!

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