Tools to Improve Nutrition for Weight Loss

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“Do I HAVE to log my food?”

When I ask my clients to begin keeping a journal of their food intake, with an app such as MyFitnessPal, I often receive some sort of push-back. Rolling eyes, sighing, etc.

I understand, it’s not my favorite use of time as keeping a journal of food-intake can indeed be time-consuming and bothersome. I also believe that doing it constantly can lead to unhealthy behaviors – for instance, becoming obsessed with how much calories one takes in. We have to consider our mental and emotional health too, right?

All things considered, for those wanting to improve their overall health by adding muscle and losing excess body fat, I highly recommend keeping a journal of daily food-intake. It will be one of your greatest tools.

Studies show that those who keep a journal are 30% more likely to attain their goals than those who don’t. I’ll take all the help I can get!! More importantly, owning up to the choices one makes with food can lead to a change in behaviour. When we keep a journal, we take ownership of what we are ingesting. That is the first step in making a change in our nutrition choices.

In addition to taking this responsibility of the choices we make regarding food-intake, one becomes more educated in what is consumed. Keeping a journal is a regimented, yet straightforward approach that provides the ability to allow someone to really see what they’re taking in – whether good or bad and from there they can more accurately assess their progress or retrogression.

After all, you may be surprised that the one small Starbucks drink is breaking your sugar bank for the day. Or that one of your favorite meals is really high in protein and you can eat more of it. YAY!

Once one takes responsibility for their choices and begins to understand how those choices add up per meal, day and week, a nutritionist and/or trainer will be able to set proper goals and develop a plan to transition to more favorable behaviors.

So, if someone asks you to journal your food it is not to torture you. They care and want to help! Give it a try and see what happens.

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